Friday, March 22, 2013

Ole! Bloggiesta is Here!

Over at my other blog, The Children's War, I am once again participating in Bloggiesta.  If you are not familiar with Bloggiesta, it is the opportunity to spend some time over this weekend doing some work on your blog.  It is hosted by Suey from It's All About Books and Danielle fromThere's A Book.  Why not hop over there and find out what is happening.  Bloggiesta runs from Friday, March 22nd to Sunday, March 24th.  

Randomly Reading isn't officially participating but I am planning on doing some Bloggiesta-type cleaning up on it as part of my To Do List  at The Children's War, which will include:

1- Backing up my blogs

2- As much as I like the rainbow and birds background from The Cutest Blog on the Block, for whatever reason it will not let me reply to comments most of the time, so I am going to revert to what I used to use or at least I hope I am (hence the reason for backing up)

3- Make a drop box for labels and blog archive

4- Create a post archive page.

There are all kinds of mini-challenges you can participate in during Bloggiesta as well and you can also find past challenges that may give you the know how to do just that one improvement you have been wanting to make on your blog.  I have participated for 3 years now and have been able to do all kinds of things thanks to the expertise of those bloggers running the mini-challenges.  

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