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It's NOT Just a Dog! by Pam Torres Not just a review, but a Blog Tour AND Giveaway!

Blurb: School's out for the summer and straight-talking Madison and her friend Cooper have big plans for the summer: working at the kennel, training service dogs and creating a dog-walking business—besides writing her dog-blog. Her step dad has agreed to make Lilly, Madison's foster puppy, a permanent member of the Morgan family, and Madison wants to make the adoption special.

When an injured dog is abandoned, Madison's determined to discover the truth about the orphaned dog. To crack this crime she'll have to sneak around some shady characters. It'll be tricky since her dad isn't happy about her animal detective activities. Her promise not to get into trouble won't be easy. Madison convinces Cooper to strike out on their own, but Lilly is dognapped and Madison finds herself locked in a shed with no way out. She regrets her crime-fighting obsession and realizes her snooping has endangered everyone she cares about. Cooper rallies an unlikely group of rescuers to bust her out.

In the end Madison learns she can depend on her friends and her stepfather. And when it comes to people and dogs, relationships are never simple, and a dog is never—JUST a dog!

If you are a dog lover and are looking for a good book about dogs, look no further than Pam Torres' new novel It's NOT Just a Dog!, the second look in the Project Madison series.  It is summer vacation for Madison Morgan and her friend Cooper.  Madison's best friend Paige has moved away and she is really dreading the moment when new people move into her house.  But luckily, the new neighbors have a son her age who also happens to be Native American.  

Madison also gets to know Ben, and elderly man who appears to be neglecting Millie, his listless greyhound dog.  But once Madison realizes Ben isn't abusing Millie, she finds she has made a new friend.  

But now Madison needs to find out who has abused the dog that was left at the dog shelter run by her friend Netta, Cooper's guardian.  She suspects that her smirky, bullying schoolmate Donald may be mixed up in whatever happened to the dog, but sometimes things just aren't what they seem.

Running the risk of clashing with some pretty rough characters who don't seem to care about the dogs they use, Madison and her friends could be getting in over their heads.  Can a couple of kids solve the case and rescue the abused dogs?

There are a lot of things to like about this book, beginning with Madison, a very passionate dog lover (and I would venture to guess that she has that in common with the author).  I like the way things unfolded in the novel, just as they would day by day when on summer vacation, things like setting up the dog walking business, helping out at Netta's Second Chance Dog Shelter, learning how to train service dogs  at the Red Rock Training Facility, keeping up with her blog about dogs.  

I also liked the fact that a Native American character is introduced into the series and the way it ties into explaining Madison's ability to feel an animal's pains and understand their feelings.  

Although this is a 2nd book in a series, It's NOT Just a Dog! works very well as a stand alone novel.  Middle grade readers, especially those who already care about animals, are sure to enjoy this dog mystery story and find a new favorite character in Madison.  And if you liked reading It's NOT Just a Dog!, you can find a Project Madison short story by Pam Torres HERE

In a way, you, too, can participate in Project Madison because 10% of all sales from It's NOT Just a Dog! goes directly to the ASPCA.

Here's the Giveaway: 
Prize Packages
Grand Prize- Set of illustrations signed by the illustrators, set of bookmarks, official Netta recipe card with biscuit mold, full set of magnets, set of stickers, signed hard copies of both books in the series, and a dream catcher. 

First Prize- 3 illustrations signed by the illustrators, bookmarks, official Netta recipe card with biscuit mold, full set of magnets, set of stickers, hard copies of both books in the series.

Second Prize- 2 illustrations signed by the illustrators, bookmarks, official Netta recipe card with biscuit mold, full set of magnets, set of stickers, signed hard copies of both books in the series.

Third Prize- 2 illustrations signed by the illustrators, official Netta recipe card with biscuit mold, bookmarks, magnets, stickers, signed hard copies of both books in the series. 

Swag Packages- One 5x7 signed illustration, bookmarks, magnets, stickers, an ebook in the format of your choice. 

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More chances to win…
Facebook Page Contests- During the month of June the Project Madison Facebook Fan Page will be conducting contests and giveaways, so be sure to check there frequently for a chance to win some great prizes. 

Attention Teachers and Parents: 
Anyone who emails (torres dot pam3 at gmail dot com) a JPG of a tween holding my book, a student or relative will receive a personalized letter from Madison and signed by Lilly dog. 

In addition, they will also be entered into a special drawing for an entire classroom to receive copies of the book and a visit from the author. (Sorry, this is for Washington State Teachers only.)  One entry per child, per picture. Be sure to include your school name, teachers name and contact information. 

And here's the June Blog Tour Schedule and Links:

Week One:

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Week Five:
July 1   - Buried In Books


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