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Every Day is Malala Day by Rosemary McCarney

Most people around the world were stunned on October 9, 2012 when they heard the news that a young girl and her two friends were shot by the Taliban on their way to school in Pakistan.   For most of us, that was our introduction to 15 year of Malala Yousafzai.  With reports about the shooting, came information about Malala's fight for the right of all girls to be educated.

Malala and her two friends survived the shooting.  You would think a bullet in the head would put a stop to Malala, but that would be giving the Taliban just what they wanted.  Instead, this very brave young woman continued her fight for the right of all children to be educated around the world.  

Every Day is Malala Day is a beautiful tribute to Malala.  The book begins with a short introduction to her and her accomplishment.  This is followed by a letter, really a compendium of letters sent to Malala from young girls around the world, expressing their admiration, their friendship and support for her.  Malala is a girl that many of them could relate to and who champions a message that they know can impact and change their lives.

Each page has simple text paired with a detail, richly colored photographs of girls raising their hands in support ("We have never met before, but I feel like I know you"), laughing together ("And you are a friend"), girls in uniforms with their arms wrapped around each other as they go to school ("You spoke up for yourself and other girls too").  

While most of the pictures show strong smiling girls, they are contrasted with some that remind us that Malala's work isn't finished yet, that too many countries want girls uneducated and silent.  And this is accomplished through early marriage, maintaining poverty, discriminating against girls and of course, the kind of violence that didn't work with Malala.

The book ends with excerpts from Malala's speech given at the United Nations on July 12, 2013, her 16th birthday.

The beauty of this book is that Malala was really an ordinary girl who decided to stand up for what she believed in and didn't let anything stop her, not even a Taliban's bullet.  She is truly an inspiration to girls everywhere of what they can accomplish through education and determination - which is exactly what her message is.  As she told the UN and the world:
"One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world."
Every Day is Malala Day is done with the same beauty, eloquence and simplicity that Malala exemplifies and it is a book is would recommend to everyone.

Profits from the sale of this book go to Plan Canada, which works to end gender inequality and promote girls' rights around the world through their Because I am a Girl Fund.

This book is recommended for readers age 5+
This book was borrowed from a friend

Watch the video that inspired the book:

This is book 6 of my 2014 Nonfiction Picture Book Reading Challenge hosted by Kid Lit Frenzy


  1. So inspirational. Thank you for sharing this book and your thoughts on it.

  2. I love everything about Malala! She is amazing. Thanks for sharing this book!

  3. She is such a strong girl, an inspiration for us all! I've been on hold for ever for her book. I think I just need to buy it. I think it's one I want for our bookshelf.

    Gidget @ Letters Numbers and Book oh my!

  4. I came to see your review after seeing the book listed on your #IMWAYR post. Wow, what a powerful video. I had chill bumps. Thank you.

  5. I really hope to get to this at some point. Malala sounds like such an amazing young woman.

  6. This is great that there are kid's books about Malala! I am going to see if our library has it!

  7. It's great there are kids books about Malala! I am going to see if my library has it!
    ~Erik This Kid Reviews Books

  8. I saw an interview with Malala and how inspiring her story was. It does make you stop and think about the things we take for granted.

  9. I saw the interview of Malala. She was inspirational and also reminds us not to take things for granted.

  10. Inspirational young lady!

  11. What a wonderful and inspirational book! Thank you for sharing at the KidLit Blog Hop! I have been exploring the other posts in the hop and I am happy to see so many book posts that deal with difficult, yet important concepts! So important for every child's development!

    Thank you,

  12. A very impressive young lady, indeed! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story!

  13. Thanks for sharing this timely book with the Kid Lit Blog Hop.


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