Tuesday, October 27, 2015

All Treats, No Tricks: Some Books for Halloween

It's almost Halloween and there's no better treat for the day than a good book (and a few fun-sized Snickers to get with it).  Here are some of my favorite new Halloween stories for young readers:

Peek-a-Boo! by Nina Laden
Chronicle Books, 2015, 22 pages (Ages 3 months to 3 years)

This is the third board book about Halloween by Nina Laden and it's as much fun as the first two were.  Young readers will have fun looking through the cut-out on one page and predicting what will match the Peek-a Boo rhyme on the next page.  Is it a ghost? A jack-o-lantern? Kids dressed up as a ghost and a pirate?  And there's even a surprise ending.  A nice interactive book for the youngest readers.

It's Raining Bats & Frogs by Rebecca Colby, illustrated by Steven Henry
Feiwel & Friends, 2015, 40 pages (Ages 3+)

Delia is really looking forward to the annual Witch's Parade for Halloween, but it's pouring rain.  When all the witches start grousing about the rain, Delia comes up with some solutions to the problem, but  they only makes things worse.  What to do?  You'll never guess.

Ghost in the House, a Lift-the-Flap Book by Ammi-Joan Paquette, illustrated by Adam Record 
Candlewick Press, 2015, 20 pages (Ages 3+)

As a ghost goes through a haunted house, it discovers that it is not quite alone.  With each lift of a flap, another Halloween character appears until the very end - which is also a surprise for the reader.  The story is written in verse and it is also a cumulative counting book up to the number 5, with lots of suspense for young readers.

Carl's Halloween by Alexandra Day
Margaret Ferguson Books, 2015, 32 pages (Ages 3+)

Madeleine and Carl are supposed to give out Halloween candy when Mom has to go to grandma's house, but they  don't want to miss out on trick or treating either.  So, they dress up and leave the house to join all the other kids on the street and have a fun adventure.  This is a mostly wordless story, only two adults say anything, giving young readers a chance to make up their own story about Madeleine and Carl trick or treating, or when they are at a neighbor's Halloween party.  As always, Alexandra Day has written a fun story with absolutely glorious illustrations.  

The Fun Book of Scary Stuff by Emily Jenkins, pictures by Hyewon Yum
Frances Foster Books, 2015, 32 pages (Ages 3+)

Halloween can be a scary time for kids and, although this isn't really a Halloween story, it is just the book for helping them through their fears.  With the help of his two dogs, a young boy confronts the things he is afraid of - witches, trolls, ghosts, sharks in the swimming pool and of course, the dark. Surprise! Our hero is braver than he thinks.

Otter Loves Halloween by Sam Garton
Balzer & Bray, 2015, 32 pages, (Ages 4+)

Otter and his pals Teddy and Giraffe have been looking forward to Halloween for months and now, it is finally here.  Otter and Otter Keeper decorate the house, make scary costumes and put together trick or treat candy and wait for the kids to come knocking.  But when they do, Otter finds them scarier than he thought they would be.  Hiding under the bed with pig, Otter Keeper talks to her about her fears and comes up with a workable solution for Otter to enjoy the rest of Halloween.

Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster
HarperCollins, 2015, 32 pages (Ages 4+)

Deciding what to be for Halloween is always problematic and no different for the young catsuit-wearing daughter of a good witch (who happens to look like anyone's mom).  But after trying and discarding the usual Halloween costumes - skeleton, ballerina, vampire, mummy - she comes up with the perfect costume idea.  This is a fun book with lots of colorful illustrations.

You Got a Rock, Charlie Brown! adapted by Maggie Testa, illustrated by Robert Pope
Simon Spotlight, 2015, 32 pages (Ages 4+)

It's Halloween and the Peanuts gang are all dressed up in their costumes to go trick or treating.  As they go door to door, everyone is given great Halloween treats except for Charlie Brown.  Charlie only gets tricks - a rock in his bag from each house.  This Level Two Ready-To-Read book is ideal for kids already familiar with Charles M. Schulz's lovable characters.  It consists of a single chapter, with large print and slightly longer sentences.

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Love seeing all these Halloween Picture Books, I miss reading these books holiday books. Inspires me to watch some movies this weekend though. Happy Halloween.


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