Monday, May 8, 2017

A Word of Thanks to FDNY Engine 22, Ladder 13, Battalion 10

At around 12:30 AM, early last Thursday morning, I noticed some fire balls falling past my window, so I got up to see what was happening. Just as I got to my window, FDNY fire trucks started pulling up out front. Well, that's happened before and it was usually a false alarm. But when smoke started coming out of my radiator, I knew something was wrong. Sure enough, that fireman who burst into my apartment, crowbar in hand, told me to get out as he proceeded to break my windows and knocked my air conditioner to the ground below.

I tried to save my computer, but couldn't get it detached from the router, so I saved my purse, phone and sunglasses (?) instead. I put the computer on my bedroom floor and lucky thing I did. It didn't suffer any water damage the way most other things did - like all the clothes and shoes in my closet.

Now, I have four big, loud machines drying and dehumidifying the apartment and lots of work will need to be done. And a lot of the books I had out because I was working on them are ruined.

But, I was really impressed with how fast and efficient the FDNY responded and had the fire under control. They are real life heroes and I can certainly see why they are called the Pride of Yorkville.

You can find an interesting story about Engine 22, Ladder 13, Battalion 10 in the aftermath of 9/11 HERE

So now my computer is on the dining room table, and I've connected it to the Internet using the data on my phone (iPhones have a build in personal hotspot for times when there is no way to get online).

Hopefully, I'll be completely back up and running soon.

Photos of some of the damage:


  1. Yikes, sounds like a bit of a harrowing experience! Glad that you and most of your books are okay. It's nice to read your appreciation for the firefighters.

  2. I'm glad you are okay, but dealing with the damage will be a long and unpleasant process for you. Will be thinking good thoughts for you!


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