Friday, December 15, 2017

Some Stocking Stuffer Suggestions

In my house, after the gift were opened and explored, the wrapping paper and ribbons picked up from the floor, it was time for stocking. When my Kiddo was young, I used to put all kinds of things into her stocking, as I’m sure most of us do - Chap Sticks, new gloves, some Hanukkah geld, some Christmas candy, card games, a couple of candy canes, anything that looked fun, useful and/or needed. But I also used to look for small, fun books because I knew that when all was said and done, sometime on Christmas afternoon and evening, Allison would be ready to chill out and those  stocking stuffer books were ideal for some fun and relaxing. 

Here are a few books that your curious, fun-loving kiddos might enjoy:

Weird but True! Christmas 300 Festive Facts to Light Up the Holidays
National Geographic Kids, 2017, 208 pages, age 8+
Did you know that in the United Kingdom, Santa gets left a nice meat pie instead of the cookies and milk Americans leave? No wonder he stops there first. Or that the star on top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in NYC has 25,000 [Swarovksi] crystals and weighs 550 pounds? These and 298 other festive fact to light up your holidays can be found in this colorful and informative book. All the facts found are true - some weird, others amazing, all interesting, all unique. But be prepared for table talk at dinner that begins with “Did you know that…The earliest Christmas trees dating back to 1510 were decorated with apples and paper roses?” Or “did you know…the ideal snow temperature for building a snowman? 30°F. according to one engineer. Pass this book around and everyone can get into the fun. This may be a book that is small in size (6 1/2” x 6 1/2”), but it is big on fun facts, and sure to please inquiring minds.

What Would Happen? Serious Answers to Silly Questions
by Crispin Boyer
National Geographic Kids, 2017, 176 pages, age 8+
We’ve all had them with our kiddos - those what would your do if…? or what would happen if…? conversations. Some of these questions sound silly (What if you ate nothing but ice cream?), some are serious (What if you got sucked into a black hole?), some reveal so real worries (What if the earth suddenly stopped rotating?). Here is a book that gives some serious answers to questions kids wonder about. All kinds of different scenarios are considered and packed with facts that give readers the sensation of entering a portal to an alternate reality - which, essentially, they are. Every question is treated seriously, and answered from a scientific, historical, and cultural perspective. In other words, there is information about what you need to know, how life would be different for you if your question came true, side effects you might experience, and finally, and the chances that the change being considered could happen.  This is another book that will keep your kiddos entertained even as they discover answers to some really curious questions.

Just Joking Jumbo: 1,000 Giant Jokes & 1,000 Funny Photos 
Add Up to Big Laughs
National Geographic Kids, 2017, 288 pages, age 7+
Who doesn't like a great joke? Well, in this jumbo book of jokes you will find 1,000 of them, all accompanied by colorful pictures of all kinds of laughing creatures. Each page is chockablock with knock knock jokes galore, tons of puns (a baker’s job is a piece of cake), riddles (how are eyes like teachers? The both have pupils), and tongue twisters (Phil feels he heals eels), all guaranteed to keep kids entertained, learning, and laughing, and sharing the fun with their siblings, parents, and friends. And as if a good laugh weren’t enough, there’s also all kinds of fun trivia, for instance, did you know that there is a Greek joke book with more than 200 jokes from the 4th century A.D. I guess everyone really does like a good joke.

Your kids are sure to have a holly, jolly holiday with these fun books!

Happy Holidays and thank you, Media Masters Publicity for providing review copies of these books.


  1. Such a great idea to put small books in stockings. My parents would put activity books with crayons in mine when I was little, but I didn't even think of using books. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. We also got activity books and new crayons, and so did my kiddo. I forgot to include that in my suggestions, so thank you for mentioning it and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


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