Friday, October 18, 2019

Poetry Friday: October Party by George Cooper

When I was still a classroom teacher, Friday afternoons were always reserved for a fun activity. In the fall, this was always one of my favorite poems for sharing with my students, and taking a page out of my own school days, the kids would collect different leaves throughout the week. Once there were plenty of leaves to share, they would make a leaf book, identifying each kind by name and description. I loved being able to combine a poetry lesson and a STEM activity on our more relaxed Friday afternoons. It also gave the kids a chance to unwind from the week and still have a sense of accomplishment, too. I hope you enjoy it as much as my kids always did.

A big Thanks to Jama of Jama's Alphabet Soup for hosting today's Poetry Friday roundup. Be sure to visit her to find more wonderful poems to enjoy.


  1. What a wonderful poem (new to me)! I know I would have enjoyed being a student in your class :).

  2. What a fun poem. I remember reading it long ago. It's good to see it again--like an old friend.


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