Monday, July 4, 2022

Bank Street Children's Book Committee Best Books for 2022 (published in 2021)

It's July 4th and I know everyone is having fun, but it won't be long before summer vacation boredom can set in. And while I have lots of summer book suggestions to blog about over the coming days and weeks,  I thought I would begin with something that is close to my heart:

The Best Children's Books of the Year
2022 Edition

Inside the annual edition of this Best Books list, you will find over 600 books, all of which have been read by at least two committee members, and often by a young reviewer. This list is a boon to librarians and teachers who will no doubt be making their reading list for the coming school year soon, and who may also have kids at home looking for something to do this summer. It is also geared towards parents, and includes a helpful list of Tips for Parents to help them encourage their kids to read more. 

The books are divided into age groups and within each age group into genres. Within each genre, books are listed by category. Each book is annotated to give potential readers an idea of what it is about, and includes publisher, ISBN, and price. For example, page 1 of Fiction for readers ages 5 to 9 looks like this:

There is also a list of the given the Committee's annual awards. This year's award winners are
Here's the good news  - you can download your own copy of The Best Children's Books of the Year:

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