Monday, October 7, 2013

Three Books that Introduce Kids to Nature

Nature holds all kinds of wondrous things for us to learn about.  But sometimes good books about nature written with younger readers in mind and that are also fun and informative are hard to find.  However, Sylvan Dell has risen to the task by producing a whole line of books to meet the challenge.  Below are just three examples:

On the Move: Mass Migrations 
written by Scotti Cohn
illustrated by Susan Detwiler

Introduces kids to how, when, why and where different animals sudden seem to be on the move, looking for a new place to live. Sometimes it is because of weather, sometimes to reproduce, sometimes they need a change of venue.  Realistic illustrations accompany the text and there are 4 pages of learning activities for kids to do to learn more.

Animal Helpers: Sanctuaries
written by Jennifer Keats Curtis

Sometimes wild animals that are kept as pets get too big to handle, or hurt or sick and need to find a safe place to call home.  Kids are introduced to the work of 6 different sanctuaries that care for these now unwanted animals.  The text is enhanced with photographs of each sanctuary and there are 4 pages of learning activities that kids can do learn more about these animals and the sanctuaries the provide them with a new forever home.

Nature Recycles: How About You?
written by Michelle Lord
illustrated by Cathy Morrison

It seems that Nature is a natural recycler/repurposer, and can teach humans a thing or two about following its lead.  Here, kids can see how a variety of animals recycle around the world and realistically illustrated examples of how they can do it, too. The book also includes 4 pages of activities to help teach how, why and the importance of recycling.

Each of these books is a wonderful read aloud that can be used in a classroom, home schooling situation or to read with a parent or sibling, after which they do the activities suggested or even come up with some of there own.  Luckily, there are lots more interesting titles in this series of fun, educational books for young readers, some are even available in Spanish, so you will most likely find someone that will appeal to everyone.

All these books are recommended for readers age 4+
These books were borrowed from a friend.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these 3 titles in today's Nonfiction Monday roundup. :)

  2. I greatly admire Sylvan Dell - especially the extra resources they offer at their website.


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