Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Save the Date! Multicultural Children's Book Day - Twitter Party and Book Bundle Giveaways

Mark your calendars because
You're Invited!
Please join us for our 5th Annual Multicultural Children's Book Day Twitter Party
We promise it will be a fun and fast-paced hour of great book conversations,
sharing of diverse book ideas, and lots of prizes. Just follow the hashtag #ReadYourWorld
to join the conversation and to win one of 12-5 book bundles and one Grand Prize Bundle
(12 books) that will be given away at the party! 

Register below to be able to win

We will be discussing the state of children's book publishing and giving away
diversity book bundles every six minutes! We invite everyone to join us:
authors, publishers, parents, caregivers, librarians, KitLit lovers. You don't have
to be an author of publisher sponsor to join us! Let's talk about our favorite
multicultural and diverse children's books, authors, and illustrators. 

How do you join the Twitter party? Just use hashtag #ReadYourWorld to find us.
When you tweet, use the hashtag so everyone can find you!

Here are some of the questions that will be discussed along with each book bundle prize. Prizes will be given out IN REAL TIME during the Twitter Party.

9:00 PM Q1: Share some recent diverse, multicultural and inclusive books that you've read with your kids. #Read Your World
Book Bundle Prize for Q1:

9:05 PM Q2: What kinds of diverse characters/themes/topics would you like to see more of in children's books? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q2:

9:10 PM Q3: While the number of children's books of a diverse nature have gone up in recent years to 28%, those by people of color/Native authors remain at 6%. How do you feel about this? #ReadYourWorld (Stat from @LeeandLow http://blog.leeandlow.com/2017/03/30/the-diversity-gap-in-childrens-book-publishing-2017/)
Book Bundle Prize for Q3:

9:15 PM Q4: What is the ONE diversity book that you'd love to see used in the classroom and why? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q4:

9:20 PM Q5: Do you have a new (or new to you) diversity author or book discovery that you are excited about? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q5:

9:25 PM Q6: Our Classroom Empathy Kit this year focuses on refugees and immigrants. What books are you using at home or in the classroom to teach empathy? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q6:

9:30 PM Q7: Book activities help bring books to life. Has anyone tried the Backpack Activity in our Empathy Kit: What would you pack if you had to flee your country and had 5 minutes to pack? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q7:

9:35 PM Q8: Our next Classroom Kit is Poverty in the U.S. Do you think this is a good topic? Why or why not? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q8:

9:40 PM Q9: What diverse children's books would you suggest for our Classroom Kit on Poverty in the U.S.? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q9:

9:45 PM Q10: What diversity/multicultural/inclusive topics are you having trouble finding in children's books? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q10:

9:50 PM Q11: What resources do you use to find diverse children's books? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q11:

9:55 PM Q12: From #metoo to #shepersisted to Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes speech, there is a huge interest in making a better tomorrow for our daughters. What books do you recommend that reflect this movement? #ReadYourWorld
Book Bundle Prize for Q12:

Multicultural Children's Book Day GRAND PRIZE!

Not sure how to join in? Check out this great post from Project Manager Becky on How to Participate in the 2018 Multicultural Children's Book Day Twitter Party #ReadYourWorld


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