Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Blog Tour: Fly, Fly Again by Katie Jaffe and Jennifer Lawson, illustrated by Tammie Lyon

Fly, Fly Again by Katie Jaffe and Jennifer Lawson,
illustrated by Tammie Lyon
Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2020, 32 pages

Jenny has always wanted to fly but all her attempts have so far ended in failure. Then a red-tailed hawk befriends Jenny and as he flies around, she begins to figure out how it is done. But could she invent something that would actually take-off and fly just based on what she observes? 

Meanwhile, Jenny's neighbor Jude is studying his best friend Kitty, to learn all about speed and control in order to improve his skateboarding. Jude is also interested by the tiny plane Jenny has built and although it lifted off the ground, she has no way to control where the plane went and it crashed. Could Jenny and Jude put their heads together and figure out what they needed to do to actually get off the ground and control how and where Jenny's plane would fly?

If the title Fly, Fly Again makes you think of the old adage try, try again, that is not a coincidence. Jenny learns that sometimes success comes only after failure, but to never give up on her dreams. Along the way, Jenny also learns all about the mechanics of flight, thanks to teamwork and determination, as well as a cat named Kitty and a bird named Hawk. So really, how could she miss? 

Fly, Fly Again! is also a wonderful way to introduce kids to some basic aeronautical concepts like lift, drift, pitch, roll and the importance of a rudder, and perhaps instilling an interest in engineering.    

This book is recommended for readers age 5+
This book was sent to me by the authors and I thank them for the opportunity to read and review it. 

Fun Facts about Flying 
  • The foreword for the book is from Buzz Aldrin. The 50th anniversary of the lunar landing of Apollo 11 is July 20, 2019.
  • There are over 600,000 pilots in the world. Someone/something inspired their love of flight.
  • The book teaches perseverance and teamwork and that you can be an inventor at any age; with some determination and creativity, anything is possible
Important #STEM Dates to Remember
  • December 17th - Wright Brothers Day
  • January -
    • National Mentoring Month: Buzz Aldrin wrote the foreward to Fly, Fly Again
    • Brainteaser Month:  Liftoff Learning Studios exists to encourage learning among kids
    • Creativity Month:  How do we get our kids to think outside the box?
  • January 17th – Kid Inventors’ Day
  • February 21st - Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
  • March 4-10 - Women of Aviation Wordwide Week
  • April 30-May 6 - Children’s Book Week
  • Second Week in April - National Robotics Week 
  • June 23rd - International Women in Engineering Day 
Meet the Authors
Katie Jaffe: With a passion for children’s causes, Katie has committed herself to several charities, helping children around the world.  As Creative Director and Design Consultant of Aviation for Spectre Air Capital,  Katie has aided in the design of several high profile aircraft.  Currently, she is leading the marketing and design effort of an overseas airline.  She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband–who is a pilot– and their three children who like to fly. 
Jennifer Lawson: Lifelong educator and advocate of the Childrens’ Literacy Program.  Jennifer seeks to bring knowledge to students through creative curriculum and technology on a global level.  As Owner and President of Decision Tree Technologies, she is currently endeavoring to teach using technologically advanced solutions that excite today’s students. She lives in Austin, Texas with her family.

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